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Rick LeForce

Rick LeForce - Show Appeal Realty Broker

Rick LeForce stays active working with buyers and sellers as well. Rick believes it is important to actually be out in the field to really understand how to manage and create a truly agent centric & client centric real estate office. “There is only one way to get the heart beat of the market and that is to be selling real estate just like the agents”, says Rick. “With all of the changes in the distressed market with bank owned, short sales, reduced commissions, higher operating expenses, I need to be in the agents shoes to understand the support they really do need from a practical perspective; to create a successful platform for them to operate and sell more from whether it is short sales, auction properties, marketing on the internet, developing successful niches.”

Rick went on to elaborate: “how am I supposed to know how difficult their daily lives can be if I lose complete touch with the selling process? How am I going to understand from the agent view point when the market shifts what is important to them, how cross-sale agents are behaving, what consumers need and expect as the market changes; if I am not out getting out on foot at the ground level? I never want to lose contact with my agents and I feel this helps me understand the agent and the client better instead of being only involved with escalated issues (never getting out of the office and focusing some time on how to gain market share). How can I help create entrepreneurial systems without knowing the market at the street level view? I never want to be caught flat footed or completely lose touch with that “edge”. I want to help the agent build a productive real estate business along side with Brandon Hunt & Chris Adams,” shared Rick.

Rick is a true member of the Metropolitan Phoenix community and was born in the old St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix. He is proud to be an Arizona Native over the last 40 years and living here. Rick originally started in the real estate business together as a family owned business. Rick had the opportunity to meet Brandon Hunt the owner & CEO of Show Appeal Realty in 2005. “I met Brandon and knew this brilliant young man was going to be the next big influence on the real estate industry here in Arizona. He had all of the solid business skills like marketing, technology, and entrepreneurial vision right out of the Indiana University business and marketing program. I also recognized that Brandon possessed a lot of enthusiasm, and energy which are essential to being an entrepreneur.”

Rick enjoys being in a leadership and management role in the company and helping agents learn how to generate more opportunities to develop their marketing niche(s) to constantly acquire new clients and to expand their business profitability in changing markets.

“Many people do not know that real estate agents have a code of ethics, very stringent license requirements and work very long and erratic hours to help accommodate their clients busy schedules. Agents have had significant challenges to their business models in a distressed market, keeping commitments to their families while helping their extended family of clients who many are now distressed thanks to the reckless securitization of mortgages, and risky financial vehicles and derivatives created by banks (“financial weapons of mass destruction” as Warren Buffet said), on Wall Street which artificially created the bubble momentum. I know that real estate agents are out at the community level helping many distressed families get through these difficult times and need to receive more recognition than they are receiving when working these kind of incredibly long hours to help get this mess caused by Wall Street, the Federal Government, and the Federal Reserve cleaned up. The real estate agents that I know have been carrying this incredible burden and load of boulders on their shoulders while having very little support as small business owners from Uncle Sam or the bankers. They are the unsung heroes of this market, says Rick. Realtors are helping families get good bargains right now and counsel other families who are in a distressed position how to get their credit and lives get rebuilt, to get back to normalcy.”

“I think our niche of agent is the entrepreneurial agent, not just an order taker, rather a business owner who wants to pursue effective marketing strategies to attract clients interested in their specialized niche services. We are also interested in working with good agents that are interested in being great agents, these agents are ready to double if not triple their current production and customer service systems capacity”, shared Rick, “they are highly focused, committed, and ambitious people”.

Show Appeal Realty was created to help support these courageous real estate agent consultants and entrepreneurs as well as the client community by serving our agents & clients better now in the areas that really matter like marketing and customer service delivery systems. Show Appeal Realty is definitely not trying to be another one of these 100% companies that could care less about agent production and that need huge numbers of agents just to survive. Show Appeal Realty is also not interested in being a “parasitic” franchise company that gouges franchisees (owners) and agents without providing any real return of value to the owner, agents, or clients. Show Appeal Realty is about attracting real estate entrepreneurs!

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